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To start a Battle, you must first be logged in. See the Signup Rules if you don't know how to do this.

Next, you go to the Challenges page. Here you will see a table of all the Challenges you can accept (if there are any), and, at the bottom, a form for making a new Challenge.

Players: In the table of challenges, you will see at least one Warlock's name in the left column, and a number in brackets beside that. The names are the names of Warlocks who will be participating in that Battle. The number is that Warlock's score. This score should give you some idea of how tough the other participants are. Note that you can't accept a Challenge if the participants are all out of your open range - no more than 5 points above or below.
Beneath the list of players is a phrase in the form 'Need X' - X is how many more Warlocks must join before the Battle will begin.

Challenge Type: In the next column of the table is the basic information about the challenge. Here are the elements you will see:

Fast: This means that if a Warlock takes more than 3 days to submit orders, other participating Warlocks may (at their discretion) force him to submit 'surrender' orders.
Slow: Like fast, but with 10 days instead of 3.
Friendly: This means the Challenge will not affect the Scores of the Warlocks who take part... Though it will still appear on the Won/Played/Died values. A Very Friendly challenge is similar, but does not appear on the Won/Played/Died values.
Ladder: This means the Challenge is not Friendly - Scores will be affected, as described in the scoring rules.

Description: The next column is the description - the Challenger can write anything here, but usually it would be a reason for the Challenge being made (eg. a rematch, or the defeat of a friend), or a comment on how the Challenger would like the battle to be (eg. "A couple of turns a day").
UPDATE: If the description includes "ParalyzeFC", this defines the game as a ParaFC game - F will paralyze to C instead of vice-versa.
UPDATE: If the description includes "Maladroit", this defines the game as a Maladroit game - Confusion will be replaced with Maladroitness.
UPDATE: If the description includes "ParaFDF", this defines the game as a ParaFDF game - FFF will no longer cast paralyze, FDF and FDFD will cast paralyze, and DSFFFc for disease is replaced with DSFDFc.

Accept: Any challenge that you see when you're logged in, you can accept, by clicking on Accept next to it, unless you are already in too many Battles.

Making a new Challenge should be simple, given what you've just learned. Check the appropriate box for if you want the Challenge to be Private. Select the radio button for if you want it to be Friendly, Very Friendly or Ladder. Choose the number of Warlocks to be present, including yourself, and add a description if necessary. If you are making a private Challenge, you create the Challenge first, then add the Warlocks you want to Challenge using the Battle's own page, which appears next. Private challenges made to you are shown on, and can be accepted from, your Status page.
Note also that individuals can be challenged to join an open challenge in the same way, by clicking on the number of that challenge in your status page.

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