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Creating a New Warlock

To create a new Warlock, go to the New User page using the link at the top right of any page. You then must fill in a small form, as follows.

Username: For this, enter the name by which you would like your Warlock to be known. You can include only letters, numbers, underscores and dashes. The name must be at least 2 letters long, and at most 10.

Password: Enter here a password which you will remember, and other players won't guess. (4-10 characters long)

Remember Me: This checkbox, if checked, means that next time you come to the Warlocks site, you will be automatically logged in (unless you clicked 'log out' before you left). If other people use the same computer to play, don't check this box.

Email: Give an email address which you would like to be used for sending announcements, your initial signup information, and game updates, if you check appropriate boxes. We won't sell your email address to spammers, nor reveal it to anyone unless you check the "Allow other players to see your email address" box.

Receive Announcement Emails: Most users should probably check this box. Announcement emails will very rarely be sent out - probably never at all. They will be used only to inform you if the server is going down or being moved, or if the game rules are changing significantly.

Receive Emails When Games Need Your Attention: If you only intend to play slow games, and don't want to, or won't remember to, check the website to see if any battles are awaiting your orders, check this box. You will be sent an email whenever a game is updated (unless your orders caused the update).

Website: Free advertising for your website, if you have one!

Other Info: You can put whatever text you want, here. HTML tags input here will not function. Whatever you type here will be displayed to other players if they click on your name in Battles or in the Warlock List.

Once you've filled in that small amount of information, simply click "Create New Player", and unless you did something wrong, you'll have a Warlock! Next you'll want to create or accept a Challenge. (Note: until you accept an open challenge, or create a challenge, other players will not be able to challenge you individually, and you will not show up on the player list.)

You might also want to sign up for the Mailing List.

Logging in again is even easier! If you are logged out, there are boxes for "Username", "Password" and "Remember" at the top of each page. Simply enter the same information in Username and Password that you did when you created (or when you last modified) your Warlock, check "Remember" if the conditions mentioned above suggest you should, and click "Login".

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