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Battles: How to Submit Orders

Once you're in a Battle, you need to control your Warlock. You can see a list of the Games you are in (and if they are waiting on your Orders) by going to the index, which displays a helpful summary of information about your Warlock.

If you find there is a Battle awaiting your orders, click on the number of the Battle, and you are taken to the Battle page, which tells you the events of the most recent Turn, and summarises the game history and status, as well as displaying a form in which you submit your Orders, if the game needs Orders from you.

The status summary looks something like this:

Black OgreHealth:2
Owner: RaistlinAttacking: Merlin

MerlinHealth:12 Fireproof
Turn: 01234

Turn: 01234

As you can see, monsters are displayed first, showing their Owner, their Target and their Health (and also their enchantments, if they have any), then Warlocks are displayed, showing their Name, their Health (and enchantments), then a summary of the Gestures they have made throughout the Battle.

The first Gestures of every Warlock are always 'B' (bowing).
You can click on the turn numbers to review the action of an earlier round.

Below the summary will be a form for submitting your orders.

The first line of the form looks something like this:
- Whatever text you enter here will appear in the description of the next round, near the beginning, in the form 'Merlin says "Whatever you typed"'.

Next are the gesture submission lines, which look a bit like this:


In the first box of each of these rows, you select the gesture for the given hand.
In the second box, you may select a Spell - this is for if the Gestures you make could be used to complete more than one Spell (eg. WPP can complete Shield or Counter Spell). If you don't select a Spell when there is a choice, two-handed Spells will be chosen preferentially, followed by the Spell which takes most Gestures. Note, you do not need to choose a spell until the turn on which it is released.
In the third box, you may select a Target for a Spell. If you don't select a Target for a Spell you are casting, the default Target for that Spell will be used (as listed on the Spell Reference page).

If there are monsters in play, you will see a line in your orders form which will look something like this:

Direct Black Ogre to attack:

- just because you can give orders for a monster doesn't mean the monster will obey you. You get this option so that if you cast Charm Monster in the next turn, you can take control of the Monster and also give it a new victim.

If a Warlock has made gestures which could summon a monster on the next turn, there will be a similar line, but it reads "Direct LH:Raistlin to attack:" (or something similar). This should be read as "Direct the monster Raistlin is about to summon with his left hand to attack...". As before, just because you submit an order doesn't mean the monster will listen. In these circumstances, you will also see LH:Raistlin (or similar) in the list of targets, so you can target Spells, monsters and stabs at a newly summoned monster. These attacks will be wasted if the potential monster-summoning spell isn't cast.

If a Warlock is under the influence of a Charm Person or Paralyze spell cast by you, you will get an extra line in your orders form with which to choose the effect of your enchantment. Also, if you have a Permanency or Delay Effect spell in effect, you get an extra line on the form for each of those. It's quite clear, in these cases, what the extra lines do.

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