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It is written that one day, there will come a time when all the mages of the world will be drawn from the world, into a kind of limbo. The good mages, the Wizards, will be drawn into an empty universe, and given free reign to create whatever they wish. The evil mages, the Warlocks, will be drawn to a plane of brimstone and screams, in which they must do battle with one another, until it is decided who is the strongest. The strongest will go on to a great reward; the rest to endless torment. Until then, none will be allowed to remain dead for long.

That time is now. Enter the world of Warlocks.

Warlocks is a free web-based game of the conflicts between the evil Warlocks. Players compete in ethereal duels, performing magical gestures with their hands to create their supernatural weapons - spells. Some spells are so potent as to blind a person, call forth terrifying monsters, or even kill the victim instantly. Warlocks must rely on their own cunning to be able to cast enough defensive spells to avoid the brunt of their opponent's attacks, yet deliver enough offensive spells of their own to crack the magical defenses of their opponent, and, if possible, kill him outright.

Warlocks is based on the game "Waving Hands" or "Spellcaster" by Richard Bartle, which I discovered through "Firetop Mountain" - the email-based version of the game. I hope players will find Warlocks more user-friendly than they did Firetop Mountain. That was, after all, the point of rewriting it.

Did I mention it's free to play online? I did? Good. Now I've mentioned it again, too.

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