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When summoning a monster (Goblin, Ogre, Troll or Giant), Warlocks should cast the Summoning spell at themself, or at a monster owned by them, in order to take control of it. This is not what one might expect. Read it again. You usually do not want to cast Summoning spells at your opponent. The target of the spell becomes the controller of the monster, not the victim.

The owner of a monster can, on any turn, change the monster's victim - for each monster, there is an extra line in the orders submission form to make this change.

To set the victim of a monster on the turn in which it is summoned, the form will include "Direct LH:[Warlock] to attack [target-selection]" or "Direct RH:[Warlock] to attack [target-selection]". These lines mean "Direct the monster about to be summoned by the (left or right) hand of [Warlock] to attack [Victim]".

Also, Warlocks can target spells at monsters which are potentially about to be summoned - extra targets will appear in target-selection boxes, being LH:[Warlock] or RH:[Warlock]. Note that the spell will be wasted if the target monster is not summoned as expected.

Monsters will attack on the turn in which they are summoned - if the owner doesn't give them a target, they will attack a random opposing Warlock. They also attack on the turn in which they are destroyed.

Any sort of Shield or Counter Spell effect will protect a Warlock (or another monster) from the attack of a monster.

If a monster makes a successful attack, it does 1 damage if it's a Goblin, 2 if an Ogre, 3 if a Troll or 4 if a Giant. Monsters die if, at the end of a turn, they have 0 or less health.

In order to counter the summoning of a monster, the counter spell must be cast at the target of the summoning spell (usually the summoner), not at the monster to be summoned.

Note that when a Charm Monster spell affects a monster, it does not change the monster's target - the caster of the Charm Monster spell must also direct the monster to attack someone else.

It is possible to have a newly summoned monster stolen in the very turn in which it is summoned. For example:

Black OgreHealth:2
Owner: RaistlinAttacking: Merlin

MerlinHealth:12 Fireproof
Turn: 01234

Turn: 01234

Merlin waves his left hand.
Merlin proffers the palm of his right hand.
Merlin casts Summon Ogre at Merlin.
Merlin casts Resist Heat at Merlin.
Raistlin points the digit of his left hand.
Raistlin wiggles the fingers of his right hand.
Raistlin casts Charm Monster at the monster Merlin is summoning with his left hand.
Black Ogre is summoned to serve Merlin.
Black Ogre looks, glassy-eyed, at Raistlin.
Raistlin directs Black Ogre to attack Merlin.
Merlin is covered in sparkling frost.
Black Ogre attacks Merlin for 2 damage.

To get this result, Raistlin cast 'Charm Monster', targetted at "LH:Merlin", and Directed LH:Merlin to attack Merlin.

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