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Proud member of the GBA. See Freesoul's player page for details.

Equally proud member of d-1337.

If your employers are such clock-tapping, slavedriving, packet-sniffing scum that they dare to block warlocks, I may be able to help. Message me for a simple (and imperfect) solution.

There follows a long list of variant spells. Probably it should be moved somewhere more suitable, but for now it's here. Message me if you have suggestions for additions or modifications, or want to test any of them out.

1. Yaron's PSDF: See Yaron's talk page for rules. In essence: like normal PSDF, except that you can charm only to a standard gesture (SPDFW), and the caster gets to choose spell and target for the charmed hand. I can see this making for some interesting moves, though it may be too weak in its current form.

2. Alternate DSF: Confusion introduces a superfluous element of randomness to the game, with too many possibilities to properly plan for them all. Maladroitness is a neat solution, but seems a bit weak - it appears to be used mostly to cancel other mindspells or to stop shields. I am collecting possible alternatives here - please message me if you can think of one.

2a. (due to me) Mimicry: The caster chooses a hand of the target, and a warlock other than the target for the target to mimic. The target will perform with that hand the gesture the selected warlock performs with their corresponding hand. If cast on your opponent in a duel, the warlock selected to be mimicked will be the caster - so then this acts rather like (standard) Charm Person, but the caster has to perform the gesture they want the target to perform. If you cast it at yourself, you must again choose a hand and a warlock other than yourself to mimic (in a duel, this will be your opponent). Only in a melee will the caster actually have to choose who gets mimicked.

What is mimicked is the gesture actually performed, not just the intended gesture. So if I charm you and you cast mimicry on me, and we both select the same hands to be affected, the result is that we will both perform the gesture I charm you to.

As a special rule, if a hand is mimicking a hand which is mimicking the first hand (or generally if there's a closed loop of mimicry) none of the spells take effect.

If cast at a monster, the caster must select (on the following turn) a warlock or monster other than the targetted monster. If the selected creature attacks anything on the next turn (with a stab counting as an attack by a warlock), the target will attack the same victim. Note that all other mindspells act immediately when cast at a monster, but mimicry acts a turn later, as with a warlock target.

TODO: should monsters only be able to mimick other monsters, with no effect if there are no monsters to mimick? Else wouldn't it make sense for warlocks to be able to mimic monsters with a stab - which would be way too powerful?

See 41447 and 41601 for tests of this so far.

2b. (due to surial) Maladroitness, but a maladroit monster attacks its owner. My opinion: this makes little sense, but would make DSF more powerful.

2c. (due to ngshake) Inversion: On the following turn, a warlock target repeats their last gestures - but on opposite hands - i.e. like Amnesia, but rather than e.g. S/D -> S/D, we have S/D -> D/S. Prevents a monster from attacking. My opinion: too much like Amnesia, but quite a neat idea.

2d (due to Slartucker) Tremor: The victim has the gesture of one hand, chosen at random, changed to an F. Monsters don't attack.

2e (due to Slartucker) Fury: one hand, chosen by the *victim*, is changed to a stab. Only affects a monster if its target is Nobody, in which case it targets its owner.

2f (due to Slartucker) Enrage: On the following turn, the caster chooses targets for both the victim's hands. A monster has its target selected by the caster on the turn of casting. cf. 1 above.

2g (due to me) Enrage B: the victim must cast a damaging spell (one which if successful would take off some HP (storms included) or disease, poison or FoD) at an opponent or opposing monster. If no such spell is possible, the victim must stab. The victim may choose freely the enemy target to attack, even if the victim knows the spell/stab will be countered/shielded.

2h. (due to Slartucker) Suggestion: on the turn of casting, the caster selects gestures for both hands of the victim. On the turn after casting the victim is shown the gestures selected by the caster, and the victim selects a hand. The selected hand performs the selected gesture. Any of the 8 gestures may be selected. If cast on a monster, the monster refuses to attack the caster that turn. If the monster has a target which isn't the caster, the spell has no effect other than to cancel with other mindspells.

Implementing Mimicry without server support: on any turn in which DSF is threatened, *all* mindspells should be directed at Nobody, and players should give in their message for the turn the targets they actually wanted for the spells. In the following turn, players must move as constrained by the mindspells which should have taken effect, spells cancelling with each other as usual. In the cases of Charm Person, Mimicry and Paralysis, the caster should tell the target by private message what hand should do what. The target should act as if they don't have this extra information when deciding gestures on their free hand and selections for their own active mindspells. Trust is required here!

2b and 2c would have to be implemented similarly.

If you have any more ideas, either for DSF replacements/tweaks or more generally for interesting variants, please message me!
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