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Yo dawg, I heard you like Warlocks, so I put up moar challenges so you can Warlocks after you get done with Warlocks.

I recently tested several mostly pointless aspects of Storms and Elementals as well as trying to cast multiple spells at the same time ending with a clap gesture (which is equally mostly pointless). The Rules are either unclear or non-existant on the following topics.

Don't try to cast two spells with one clap gesture. IT WILL NOT WORK. It will only cast one of the spells, and it will be based upon the following priority chart. (Note: This is not the same order found in the Spell Reference. It is also not relevant which hand is used to cast these spells)
- Disease
- Haste
- Clap of Lightning
- Fire Storm
- Ice Storm
- Time Stop (SPPc)
(For Example: If you tried to cast Disease and Clap of Lightning in the same turn, then only Disease would be cast. Your single use of Clap of Lightning would still be available for another time.)

ELEMENTALS - Many of these topics are touched upon in the Unexpected Spell Interactions page, but I was mainly concerned with whether or not an Elemental would still deal damage in the turn that it is being affected. The list will be ordered from most relevant to most useless:

Paralysis and Amnesia stop an Elemental from attacking (Maladroitness, Confusion, and Fear do not)

Whenever a storm kills an Elemental (whether the same or opposite type), the Elemental will not deal damage that turn

Both Elementals can be summoned in the same turn by the same person (even using the same Clap gesture), but they will nullify each other and do no damage.

If a Resist spell is cast at an Elemental of the same type, then it's destroyed and does not deal damage
If a Resist spell is cast at an Elemental of the opposite type, then nothing happens (no protection gained)

A summon monster cast at an Elemental will consume the monster before it attacks (even if a Resist or Shield spell is cast at it in the same turn)

A Fireball cast at a Fire Elemental does no damage.

If both Elementals and any Storm are cast in the same turn, then the Elementals nullify each other and the Storm does damage

If two of the same Elementals are cast by the same person in the same turn, then the one summoned by the Left Hand is the one that will survive and be hit by any spells cast at it in the same turn. (Example: If TestWizard is casting two Ice Elementals in the same turn, then you should target LH:TestWizard in order to affect the surviving Ice Elemental with whatever spell you want to cast.)

MISCELLANEOUS - These work on monsters as well as Elementals
Time Stop cast at a monster the same turn as an enchantment spell will still allow the monster to attack

Everything can only be healed up to one point passed its maximum health (Monsters and Players)

Disease/Poison clock doesn't count down during a Warlock's Hasted turns
- If an enchantment spell with any duration is cast at an already Hasted warlock, then the turn counter will start off increased by the number of turns remaining until Haste wears off. (Disease/Poison could have 7 or 8 turns to kill instead of 6; and Paralysis et al. will start the duration counter at 2 instead of 1 (but the Warlock will still only be affected for one turn, as usual.)) This is hard to explain and really only useful for timing Disease or Poison kills. You would have to view TestWarlock's second battle to see what I'm talking about.

My results can be checked from battles 82400, 82401, 82402, and 82403 in the Warlocks Archive: (courtesy of Dubber for providing the link). Many thanks go out to the time and dedication of TestWizard and FakeWizard :)

Things I want to test:
Which Elemental survives when two different people summon the same elemental in the same turn
Which Elemental survives when the same Elemental is summoned by a gesture and Delay Effect in the same turn from same or seperate players.
Use Delay Effect to cast a spell whose original target is now dead
Try to cast Blindness and other spells ending with D on the same turn

All other suggestions are welcome!

I also want to join the Think Tank that is about finding alternatives to Confusion/Maladroitness. My solution to this is:
Calmness (DSF) - If the target of this spell is a Warlock, then that person can only perform P, D, S, or - gestures during their next turn. If the target of the spell is a Monster or Elemental, then it cannot attack.

This enchantment makes any Pxxx opening look bad; it interrupts FFFFF; and it still allows for defensive play by finishing up counterspell and shielding against monsters.
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