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Info for SilkyMiror Registered!
I force turn as soon as possible. If you don't want to be force turned, don't select "fast" when hosting and don't accept my games when they're "fast"

Longest match yet:
62 turns vs Kamek. Ended in tie.
My play style:

My favorite spell in whole game is Poison. Its soo beautiful.

A game should be winnable without flexibility. A game should be winnable via multiple strategic paths:
I win in starcraft with zerg-rush. I win warcraft with ghoul-rush. I win total annihilation & supreme commander with towers ONLY and never offensive units. All these situations I never have to "react" to my opponents. I exert my force and will upon the battlefield and force them to back down even at my own detriment. (and yes I play black in MtG)

I am death. I am blackness. I am the shelter from piercing light. I am the chilling blanket of night. I am all that is unknown.
Thankyou to all who are welcoming me back.

Someone else created this variant but for the life of me I can't find it again. If anyone can help me so I can give proper credit:

Monster madness:
You may not target your opponent by any spells directly. storms and dispell (not counterspell) is okay. You may only target creatures with your offensive spells. That means the main way to damage your opponent is with monsters, with storms being second.

Should you accidentally hit your opponent with a spell (forget about SD or the like) you must make double '-' gestures the next round. Do it again in the same match you must surrender.

So keep those monsters alive and reproducing, and make it feel a little like MtG in this epic duel of monster madness!

Funny Stuff:

Burnt Ogre is burnt for 3 damage.
Burnt Ogre attacks Fire Elemental for 2 damage.

Funniest match ever:
80271 Maladroit

Biza0(0) Health:15

SilkyMiror(1) Surrendered. (Health: 15) - Disease(1) Shield(2)

Just learned: Banking new spell overrides previously banked spell (not in rules OR unexpected spell interactions) if you wanna cast it you have to cast it a round BEFORE setting your new banked, not even ON the round. (it will say "fire banked (your original banked spell here) this turn" but it will actually fire the one your banking THAT turn.)
Preferences:Prefers fast games.
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