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I won a melee with a FOD! Hoody Hoo! Talk about lucky....

I am a member of the Triple Trey Dead Club! Over 333 deaths! Hoody Hoo! Wait, why am I so excited?

I have moved up the the Full Circle Dead club 360 deaths! or maybe the Circle of Life death club.... Circle of Death Dead club... *wanders off mumbling to self*

I have won my 700th battle! That would mean I can create a new club... the 700 Club. hmmm... maybe not.

I do not fear Death, for I am completely healed before the next battle...

A new club!!! The Grand Band! A motley collection of Wizards and Wizardettes who hath bravely fought a 1000 battles! I am not the first but I am the newest... well fer now... membership cost is nothing but a bit of time... oh and a 1000 fights.

How about the Counting Crew? Everyone joins at level one with 1 battle. Then you get to level 2 at 12.
level 3 is at 123. I am at level 4 at 1234....

I also have named and hope to join (someday) the Kilo-Killers an elite bunch of Mages who have downed a 1000 foes... fear them...

Welcome to our newest victims/members of the Triple Digit Dead Club! Where losing is the only way to win a membership

I may have erred. I have slighted Anduril by de-immortalizing him. It is because of him that I had to found the TDDC. And Props to MADEROLL who have propelled me into the Triple - Triple Digit Dead Club group.

'My name is Ozymandius, King of Kings, Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!'

Never give up, Never surrender!
Preferences:Does not prefer fast games.
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Ladder Score:2
Melee Score:0