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Blurble. The fish would say more but the fish is a fish, dammit. No, the fish doesn't know how a fish can point its fingers, the fish just does! As you'll notice, the fish talks quite a bit about nothing in particular. Uhm...... Blurble? [Rated Q]


<Written across its shimmering ethronic scales in rainbowrific script are the names of a few warlocks and witches that are worth getting kicked around by>
-reset button whups-

Rivals/Equals~ -file not found-

The fish will haunt your salmonella fantasies!!
The fish enjoys referring to itself in third person.
The fish is GMT +8.
Surrendering is for pansies and the horribly outclassed. Expect the fish to laugh if you surrender, especially if the fish charmed you into doing so.
The fish's sibling has entered the battlefield! All hail munchkin (and be nice to him, yeah?)!
The fish likes Team Battles.


Acronym Battle Types: These basic game types are the basis of this variant, and should be posted in the description of the challenge if you want to use them. Generally, the game type remains the same for the whole game.

Type 1, Stand Alone: The gesture of each hand is to make a sensible phrase. WS therefore could be -wistful summer-
Type 2, Sentence String: As type 1, but the acronym must be a continuous sentence of at least four words.
Type 3, Duel Sentence String: As type two, but each hand is a separate sentence and only needs be three words long.

Acronym Battle Mods: Mods can be applied to any game type to make it more interesting and may be invoked, canceled or switched at any point so long as the players agree to do so.

Mod 1, Guesswork: With this mod you try to guess what the other players gestures will be using acronyms.
Mod 2, Alternation: This mod has the players switch between their own gestures and their opponent's, usually turn by turn, but it could be every three turns or every sentence if you prefer.
Mod 3, Teamwork: In this mode, players alternate who is using acronyms turn by turn and try to stay in synch with each other. It doesn't work well in a Stand Alone game, but would be very interesting in a Duel Sentence String melee! In melee games, go in order from top to bottom.
Mod 4, Thematic: Pick a subject (best if it's a broad one like underwater or weather) and keep your acronyms relevant to that subject. Works best in with Stand Alone or Teamwork games.

100 wins on 20-02-05!
100 deaths on 12-03-05...
Fast but not really acceptance speech posted 20-03-09 (self-disclosure is a long process!!)

A note, I'm on again off again with this. I tend to sit and play for a couple hours one day and then leave for a few, up to a week. So if you don't mind (and are able, no hard feelings for non-registered warlocks) give me a week before forcing me, okay? I do play quite fast when I'm here, trying to finish the game in one sitting. Thanks.
Preferences:Prefers fast games.
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