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Veteran player returning after a couple of years of inactivity.

I do not play Maladroit games. Don't even bother challenging me if it's Maladroit.

His enemies thought that they had won their final victory over him, rendering his body unto the grave, but the necromancer Maleficent merely laid dormant, gathering his power and plotting his vengeance.

Too late, his enemies will learn, that in death he has become more powerful than ever before. No longer constrained by his mortal body, the Lich Lord Maleficent has harnessed the dark energies of the Netherworld in quantities never before imagined by mortal wizards.

A rendering of the veil that seperates life and death, was felt across the material plane by those who can touch the source. From the shadowlands poured forth horrors and unliving abominations, driven before the terrible power of Maleficent. Thusfar he has not chosen to cross, but attacks have already been felt by several wizards, as if he is testing the waters.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Tremble, wielders of the arcane, for the Lich Lord Maleficent has crossed into this world. He is building his throne upon the bones of wizards and subjugating all the lands before him in a path of destruction not seen since the days of Akaum and Yorim.

The Wrecker of Souls is risen and the Hour of Return is upon you.

+ The Most Powerful Warlock to fall before his might:
The Magnificent Toyotami ELO1943 44800
the Ferocious Freesoul ELO1826 44993
the Venerable zugzwang ELO1806 44175
the Valiant Gorby ELO1780 44780, 45798
the Ancient Alaric ELO1745 44815, 44868
the Stalwart braincraft ELO1706 44354

Two momentous victories in a row against the Immovable and Legendary Slartucker (ELO 2011). They were only Very Friendly games, which is usually a good forum for experimentation, but it is certainly a nod to my improving skill. The first was a Maladroit game, to my chagrin, but at least no one can say he lost to the randomness of Confusion. It should also be noted that these are only two modest defeats against many sound spankings from the Master, but hopefully not my last (victory that is, I'm not a masochist).(games mentioned with his permission) 45892 and 45898.
Preferences:Prefers fast games.
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