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"Best" result: PSDD/SSFP yielding me a Coldproof Norse Giant


Insanity, Blades of:

from the June League rule, Blades of Insanity is an additional stab effect:

If you are stabbed, you *must* stab, with either hand, on the next turn.

The only exception to this is if you're suffering from *any* mind effect.


And it came to pass that in the midst of the month of December, the year of
  Our Fallen Lord 2008, did the great mage Xade upon the Isle of Vermont declare
  vengeance upon the whole of the Guild of the Black Art(1). And lo, such was
  the force of his ire, that a mighty enchantment was placed upon Freesoul,
  Elder of the Guild of the Black Art. For whenever Freesoul spake the name of
  the Isle, he fell sick to a debilitating disease!

Fearing for his delicate health, the Great and Powerful Warlock Freesoul didst
  devise a cunning counterspell which blew the deadly poisons back unto the Isle.
  But such is the nature of magic that intentions are twist'd and never is the
  effect of a spell known fully in advance, and so it was, that the poisons
  coalesced and were made flesh by the emnity of the Guild, into a new and
  wonderous being which we now call Maknud(2).

Poisoner Mage of the Isle
March Champion of the Isle
. 0 ./\ /\
.. . ||_||
. ___||_||_

(1) cf.
(2) Retconning the timeline a little, but we can do that, we're Warlocks.


January League: tied for 2nd, Champion of the Isle.
February League: ...won 3/5, positive score at least
March League: 3rd, Champion of the Isle.
April League: 1st!
Preferences:Prefers fast games.
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