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An té nach mbíonn láidir ní folláir dó bheith glic.
Dúirt mé leat go raibh mé breoite.

My timezone is EST (Eastern North America), I usually only play on weekdays. Many sporadic turns, 08:00-16:00

I will force surrender whenever.

57.85% Wins/Played + 836/1445
21.87% Deaths/Played + 316/1445
20.25% Surrenders = [Played - (wins + deaths)] = (293) /Played
= 100.00%


0) Spells are built up by gestures submitted over two or more turns. Generally they are built by the combination of gestures on the same hand, across 2-8 turns. Thus, it takes two turns to cast magic missle -first S on one hand and then D on that same hand on the next turn. On the turn on which the final gesture that is needed is submitted it will fire, and happen. Three turns for Summon Goblin-S then F then W. In a game window, open the Spell Reference link in the upper right hand corner . This will open in a new window - and viewing it while playing will help you to see what gestures you need to select to build up a particular spell.

.5) Choose only the shortest spells at first. If you try the longer ones, your opponent will disrupt the patterns you are making with his or her own spells. These spells will force you to do certain gestures or repeat your last gestures, or limit the ones you can choose, or even negate your gestures by making them the non gesture '-'.

1) You don't have to read *all* of the rules to start. The main points are: use both hands, don't submit p on both hands at the same time on the same turn -this will make you surrender, avoid stabs unless you *really* need to kill a goblin, and plan a spell after the first one that uses the last few gestures of the previous spell. Oh, and watch what the other guy is doing, it will affect your gestures and plans. (At least if should.)

2) Go Rules>Common Newbie Mistakes to Avoid. READ THIS.

3) Read the Spell Descriptions under Rules> Spells Quick Reference>click each spell. (READ PARALYSIS *CAREFULLY*)

4) Clap with BOTH hands at once on the same turn. Using C any other way is pointless, and damages the possibility of completing a spell chain on that hand.

5) In general USE BOTH HANDS to cast spells. By this I mean, submit gestures for both the Left hand (LH) and the right hand (RH). Many new players mess this up. This also means build two separate chains of gestures on each hand to work on casting two different spells.

6) Attack your opponent - Protect yourself. (Not the other way around.) This means that you target shield (P) at what you want to protect-usually yourself, not at the giver of damage! And you target attack spells at what you want to hurt (unless they are area effect spells such as Fire Storm).

7) Aim Counter-Spell at the *target_of_the_spell* you want to interrupt.

8) Understand why you CAN'T have "P" on BOTH HANDS AT ONCE! (See also PARALYSIS & Maladroit)

9) If you summon a Monster, make sure you control it, and also make it attacks your opponent.

10) Set the targets of Monsters that you don't control. You'd be surprised how often this helps, especially when playing newbies who don't read the Newbie mistakes to avoid!!!!

11) See Anduril's & Dubber's descriptions for pointers on how to learn the game.

12) Use the following tool: ...until you get the hang of see-ing how the gestures build spells yourself.

13) To learn others opinions of strategy go here: Warlocks University

14) Memorize the Unusual Spell Interactions page! You'll learn why later.

15) Claps only count for a spell on one hand OR the other. Not both hands at once same for other Two handed spells. Therefore you cannot do two Claps of lighting at once. (You actually couldn't anyway since that is the only spell restricted to one per game)

16) Magic Mirror only succeeds in reflecting "attack" spells aimed at yourself or monsters you control. This includes charms. It doesn't work for other uses, such as an opponents heals or time stops.

17) Since I find myself saying this a lot. - DOING ">" WITH BOTH HANDS is almost always NOT useful. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE KNIFE. You will only hit one of two targets if you do this. You will only do one point of damage if you attack the same target with two hands. --If you are new you are likely not a sophisticated enough player to know WHEN it really IS useful to do this, so don't.

18) Learn about what we call spellflow, the way one completed spell joins into the next one, this is like both "tempo" and "combinations" in chess. A stab or
a two handed clap can kill your spell flow. But then again sometimes they are the best choice.

19) If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, it is very easy to set your gestures, and then mess them up with the wheel because you have not yet clicked on the window, and the wheel scrolls through the possible gestures. Avoid this it messes up otherwise great strategy.

Keep in mind that the newbies of today are the warlocks of tomorrow. They may eventually become good, frequent, and enthusiastic players. Treat them right, and teach them. (But take breaks occasionally from doing so!)

I encourage you to find a way to register. Ravenblack deserves our support. Thanks.

Until RB gets to put it into the documentation.

Parafdf--- This variant is specified as follows:
paralyze is made by fdf or fdfd-etc., (not dfd btw,)
Disease is caused by dsfdfC and
fff is nothing at all.
Paralyse of the f gesture continues as f unless parafc is also specified.Parafdf is not eclusive to parafc. This was announced by RB on the yahoo group but has not yet specified in docs as of yet. This variant is experimental to look at breaking the power of the parachain- however some have noted that certain combos are then extra powerful. Play it to find out which.

For FDF (and FDFD) details see:
Preferences:Prefers fast games.
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