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Info for Krosmarc Registered!
I'll force surrender, except for reasoned delays.
I try to win (at the moment I place more emphasis on the "try"-part as actually
on the win), simply by kill or by charmed surrenders. Double death is ok. I
assume your game is the same. If one hesitates too long, own failure.

Highest ELO/Ladder/Melee: 1763/11/0
Longest Game: 70736 (79 turns against succat)

Time: GMT +1
Location: Germany

_G A M E___V A R I A N T S_____________________________________________________

This game variant offers four new spells. Each of it kills all creatures of a
certain type. Combine this new spells with any other game variant as you like.

WFS - Monster Plague (Goblin)
WFSP - Monster Plague (Ogre)
WFSPF - Monster Plague (Troll)
WFSPFW - Monster Plague (Giant)

Each plague may not contain another casted plague within its spellflow. So it
is _NOT_ possible to cast Monster Plague for goblins and on next turn for ogres.
Other spells may be weaved into or out of a plague as usual.

To simulate the spell cast declare 'Monster Plague <creature>' in the chat
window. Target on nobody for Monster Plague (Ogre).

To simulate the spells effect, all players set _ALL_ creatures of declared type
on self attack until dead.

Yet there are two ways to save a creature.
a) Creatures hit by a counter (WPP/WWS) on the same turn a plague is cast are
saved and are not forced to self attack themselves.
b) Unshielded creatures getting a cure spell (DFW/DFPW) on their first turn of
self attack are saved as well (staying on a health of 1). Any shield effect
active on them inhibits the direct touch which is necessary to save them.


Every player starts with DSF--/WWP-- on oneself. Teams with the size of X will
form depending on gesture 'value' produced by confusion in turn four. X can be
2 or 3, depending on number of melee participants.

The gesture value is alphabetical: -,>,C,D,F,P,S,W counting LH lower than RH
(e.g. a LH:D is lower than a RH:D, but still higher than a RH:>). The first X
players with lowest value play together, then the next X players and so on.

If one player did not enter DSF--/WWP-- to start this battle or forgets to
target confusion correctly (WWP may be targeted as wished), the Confusion Team
Battle ends and a normal melee will proceed (It's recommended that all other
players concentrate their attacks on the person who broke the rule first).
Please be aware that turn 4 gestures were forced and not entered.
Turn five's -/- ensures that all teams start on an equal basis.

If one or more player get the same confusion result on the same hand compare
first letter of their warlocks name (alphabetic order, value upper case letters
higher as their lower case counterpart). If letters are the same, compare
next, and so on.

Melee's with an uneven number of participants may result in a team, which
consists of fewer than X players. In that case: Bad for the players which got
confused to a high value gesture - see this as challenge.

Anton, Eeertha, LoLic and H@x0R join a Confusion Team Battle(2) resulting in
this turn 4 gestures: Anton (LH:W), Eeertha (RH:>), LoLic (RH:D), H@xOR (RH:S)
Result is : Team( Eeertha & LoLic ) vs. Team( Anton + H@xOR )


Same rules as Confusion Team Battle, except used gesture sequence is DSF/WWP
after which any gestures may be played. This may result in accidental Surrenders
on turn 4. Ignore players who surrendered while determining teams.


All players agree to begin each sentence with the same letter actually used for
their left hand gesture (e.g. LH: W -> player says "Welcome, fiend!"). The X
indicates how many turns each player may remain silent. Using the same word to
start a sentence more than once each (X+1) * 10 turns is not allowed. The word
uttered should be understandable and in context of the game. If rule is
broken... well nevermind, it's only fun.

Problematic gestures/spells:
>, STAB:
Describe swinging your weapon.

The string "..." should be used to show silence, stumped surprise or dramatical
pause. In order to determine repetition of words, include the follow up word.

If used as a competitive rule, Charm Person can award bonus/penalty points if
sentences do/don't match the rule. If used for fun, simply ignore Charm Person
effects on sentences.

Compare gesture and sentence similar to Charm Person as long as it is not clear
which hand will be paralysed. If affected hand is known, player act accordingly.

During hidden turns, the target of these spells may start sentences without
reference to LH: (but may not remain silent more than X turns).

Extra turns count against silence for their targets, but not for unaffected

As long as any one warlock is blinded, their opponents may start sentences
without reference to LH: (but may not keep silent more than X turns).

The gesture _used_ has to be referenced, not the gesture _shown_. A follow up
Paralysis/Amnesia effect after the Anti-spell gesture '-' was enforced, causes
that '-' will be actually used!

"What is dead can never die, but rises again, harder and stronger."
Preferences:Does not prefer fast games.
Last Active:4883 days ago

Ladder Score:9
Melee Score:0