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I'll update here when I can, with what I think can be interesting.

If you want to have a duel with me, don't hesitate to send me a challenge.
I'm playing mostly in the evening (GMT+1) and maladroit is compulsory.

Note to self, and others if interested :
PDWP does not work against PSDD or SPFP despite those being considered enchantments.
Counterspell can not protect a monster on the turn it is summoned.
FFFx/xFFF does not allow to change the hand being paralyzed despite the paralysis origin being changed.
Beware of the parachain during a time-stopped turn, interrupting the para does not allow to change hands when resuming just after.
If you are under parachain while hasted the opponent gets to change the paralyzed hand during each of the hasted turns.

Against a P/F opening, suggesting a straight Para/FoD I think that whatever your opening you can counter with something in the line of xSPFP/xFFFx or xSPPFDWPP/xFFFFFFxx with paralysis on the oponent until it works (it will work during the time stopped turn if it has been canceled just before, the WPP is then there to counter a possible fireball...)

Some moves of interest, that good players know and will use when they can :

PSDFFDDx/xPSDFFDD : If the charms go through, then the bolt will too.
WFPSFWFPSFW... you need more than one hand to counter everything after a while, better break it early in some way
PWPFSSSD/SPFPDWPP : don't let that one happen to you
WFP/WFP : to kill someone low on health and without proper defense

Feel free to suggest other lines for here, I know some others that I will put later, but yours can come here too

NEW : An idea about how to solve the parachain problem
Most warlocks dislike parachains. It is never really fun, no matter if you are the one inflicting the parachain or the victim of it. Many warlocks variation have been created to deal with that problem (ParaFC and ParaFDF) but none has trully proven to be right so far. To be fair, the best answer against a parachain would be to have a monster you control roaming around, but it is not always practical to summon anything when already under the effect of the parachain. So, I propose a new variant, which rely only on the addition of a new very specific spell :
gesture : PPDD
name : cramp
effect : if the target is a warlock, and he has been using the same move with any of his hands more than 6 times on the last 6 turns and till that turn, then the move is interrupted by "-" (like SPFP but on a single hand only) and the warlock who get the cramp suffers 1 damage. That spell can also prevent an attack from a monster which has been summoned 6 turns before or more.
I propose to name that variant ParaCRAMP, if it ever gets implemented. But first I welcome remarks and suggestion about that idea that could probably be improved.

example of affected weaves:
With F :

With W :

With D :
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