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Info for Freesoul Registered!
Founding Elder: Freesoul

While researching new spells flows, an elderly warlock started to piece together references to an ancient guild, the Guild of the Black Art. Upon further research, the Warlock found the old guild hall, with the training grounds still intact. The demise of the old guild is currently unknown, but is likely locked away in the countless tomes in the guild library, waiting to be discovered. Not knowing the sad truth behind the deserted guild, the warlock began recruiting, claiming this guild as his own.

Within each Warlock is the ability to become a Master Warlock. The Guild of the Black Art is a school for those Warlocks whom need guidance. The Guild is an organization designed to sustain a high standard of membership, as well as allowing members to acquire power and honor. All Warlocks benefit from the transfer of knowledge to aspiring warlocks for the reason that the level of competition is raised. The Guild of the Black Art will be the light of knowledge where there is ignorance.

Full Guild Membership Requirements: (AFTER December 2008)
1) Initial ELO of 1600, maintain 1550
2) Only one, your “main” warlock, may become a guild member
3) Must be perform initiation task
4) Must follow code of ethics
5) Must follow rules of order set by the High Council
6) Members will display the following in their profile: insignia showing membership in the GBA, positions, and membership requirements (or refer to a warlock who has requirements displayed)

Apprentice Guidelines:
1) Full members may only have one apprentice at a time
2) Full members may release apprentice for any reason
3) Potential apprentices should contact the Apprentice Master
4) Full members will tutor apprentices in the art of magic
5) Apprentices cannot be a member of the high council
6) Apprentices who disobey orders or who disrespect Guild members will be released
7) Apprentices are considered members of the guild. Their master vouches for the potential within in their apprentice.

Code of Ethics
1) Must follow all promises made in game (promise to surrender if shown mercy, etc)
2) Show respect your opponents
3) Accept defeat with dignity
4) Accept victory with humility
5) Show no mercy to your/our enemies
6) Assist all other guild members in their pursuit in mastery of the Black Art
7) Always strive to achieve the highest honors available

If you're interested in joining... message me. Also, check out the Refuge forums (see my link above) for more info on the League of Mages.

I will force surrenders unless otherwise arranged.
I will go for the kill whenever possible. This does not rule out mercy, which depends on my mood.

I'm always up for a challenge... send me an invite or a msg.

Be warned. My ELO is depressed. I'm playing with greater focus to boost it up.

Team melee partner with Maven. 2vs2 Stats-> 9 win 2 loss


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Preferences:Prefers fast games.
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