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-battle 84965 is beast batte -

I am that which waits unseen, in heaven or hell or earth between. Death I deal; your soul I'll steal. Though you never lose a fight, you tell, I'll send your shredded soul to hell.
Game variants courtesy of Alaric and Dubber. If any player breaks these rules, that player (and only that player) WILL then be targeted directly with spells, until dead. Game then resumes as before. This applies to all variants....rule breakers become targets.

BEAST BATTLE- The only spells permited to cast on any Warlock are Summons. All other spells (even just a P Shield) must target a monster, or Nobody. Dispel Magic, Elementals and Storms are permitted, but you can't cast Resist Heat/Cold or Dispel Magic on yourself.
MASTER RACE- No Summoning monsters or Elementals. Storms are acceptable.
DUBBER'S DEMENTED DAMAGE- The spells allowed in this variant are : Any Summons, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Finger of Death, Clap of Lightning, both Storms, both Cause Wounds....and Shield. No other spells are allowed(not even Protection or Counter Spell). Stabs are allowed.
This variant is mine.
Nature's Fury- The ONLY damage spells allowed to be cast at an opposing Warlock/Summon are the Storms. Damage spells include both wounds, clap of lightning, FoD,magic missile, fireball and lightning bolt. It should be noted that you may cast damage spells on yourself or a minion you control, though for the most part this is completely masochistic:) Disease and poison are not considered damage spells as they do no damage on the turn they are cast. All other spells and gestures may be targeted normally. Stabs are allowed as no self-respecting warlock would ever put down their knife for any reason.
Preferences:Prefers fast games.
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