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Hi There.

Well I'm back. No clue how long though. Life is still hectic, I just have a more stable internet connection at the moment, and I want back in to try. Not much at first, don't know how well I'll be or how much I can play.

Don't you hate it when you get your oppoent down to 4 health in 14 turns and then 64 turns later you have only taken him down two more and you have to surrender or get killed?

Here are my thoughts of killing in duels. These are my thoughts so I don't expect you to hold to them, so don't worry, I don't think anyone else is terrible if they don't adhere to these:
In ladder games I will pull the killing blow under these conditions: You are over five points, you are not a jerk and you have messaged me saying you have surrendered so that I can know to pull the blow. Also I will not pull if I face an opponent who takes advantage of this. Mistakes i understand. Also my limit is once every few months, unless you have let me surrender when I was being stupid.
Under Friendly and V. Friendly games, I find no reason to pull, if you don't like death its your fault for not surrendering.

*As a sugestion to any newbies, start with two player games (not ladder, by choosing ladder you are saying that you are ready for real play, and I don't think there is a warlock that won't wont feel bad humiliating their opponent for an easy point) and in the description ask for someone to join that doesn't mind helping you out.
*Also, keep in mind that most people like to play a set of turns more than once a day, so check in often if you can.
*If you really want to get into Warlocks, check out battles of other Warlocks (those that know how to play and are good) and see how the games work and flow.
*Be Patient. Completing five games will probably only mean that you know the basic game mechanics and maybe a trick or two.
*Also, realize that the general policy is to kill if given the chance. This is primarally due to two factors: one, it encourages people to surrender sooner and therefore forces people to consider whether it is worth it to go on or if they should cut their losses. Two, killing gives a higher ELO increase so there is an advantage in Friendly and Ladder games to kill. (V. Friendly doesn't keep track of deaths or anything for that matter so killing or letting someone surrender is a moot point there)
*As a last thing, check out Dubber's info page, he has his own "attention Newbies" section.

Anyone who would like to try a team melee battle send me a message and I'll try to get a game organized. It's fun trying to see what you can do with a partner (or two). As soon as four want to play a game will be started. No extra rules, you can message your partner and agree to a set of gestures or whatever, but the goal is to beat the other set of guys, and the specal rules(paraFC and/or Maladroit) can be added if it is decided. Can't play play for points since a team can't share the points. Don't expect short rounds. Be patient. Don't ask to be in one if you are not willing to wait.
-As one final thing, don't ask to join unless you have experence at playing the game normally, I don't want a newbie to mess it up for his partner. An experenced player messing it up for his partner is another thing...a thing I've done.

(all games are unbiasly reported)
Past games:
-Anodos and Anduril defeat the dreaded MadEroll and deltran
-deltran and Anduril defeat the evil Anodos and MadEroll
-10350 Anduril and Merrick are narrowly defeated by the deceitful Dubber and deltran.
-10643 Merrick and Anduril defeat the evil Dubber and MadEroll.
-8616 Anduril and Dubber are marginally defeated by the treacherous Qwertyphob and Grimwold.

,/, I Anduril, am the
'/' of the Black Rose

Preferences:Prefers fast games.
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